My Dear Rebbi | בני פרידמן – Benny Friedman | "לחישות הלב" – Whispers of the Heart

Shared on July 9, 2020
9- My Dear Rebbi (feat. Yitzy Waldner)
Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Written by Miriam Israeli
Originally recorded for Chasdei Lev
The S’fira days. The Three Weeks. Quarantine. These are times when we are called upon to strip away all the externalities of life, all the extra noise, and focus on the essence. In Whispers of the Heart, Benny Friedman, together with producer Doni Gross, takes 10 songs that we already know and love, peels away all the usual musical accompaniment that we are used to, and leaves us with the heart of the Niggun, the song. Here are 10 songs that you have surely heard before, in a way that you have never heard them.
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