The Lost Matzos – Benny Friedman, Mordechai Shapiro & Aryeh Kunstler | SING Entertainment Pesach ’24

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Shared on April 15, 2024
S.I.N.G. Entertainment presents
The Lost Matzos
A short film Starring Benny Friedman, Mordchai Shapiro & Aryeh Kunstler
Join us this Chol Hamoed Pesach for an unforgettable show!
Starring: Benny Friedman & Mordechai Shapiro
Featuring: Aryeh Kunstler
Musical Director: Gershon Freishtat
Thursday, April 25, 2024 - Show Time 1:30
Newark Symphony Hall, Newark NJ
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Video Produced by: Motty Berkowitz
Production Assistant: Moshe Leib Gross
Grandfather: Rabbi, Dr. Hack
Grandchildren: Leora Trestman, Rosie Trestman, Avi Levenberg, Ari Levenberg, Yaakov Wachs & Baruch Beller
Marketing: I & Me Media
Show Sponsors:
Seamless Conceirge
Chosson Concierge
I & Merch
Meaningfull Minute
The Lakewood Scoop
Scoop Outdoor
The Jewish Link
Der Muzikant
@BennysMusic @MordechaiShapiro @aryeh-kunstler @S.I.N.G_Entertainment
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