Benny On The Go | This Is What We Did Chol Hamoed

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Shared on May 5, 2024
"Benny On The Go" invites you to experience the whirlwind life of a traveling artist like never before. Buckle up and join this musical journey alongside Benny, where every destination becomes a stage and every moment is filled with harmonious surprises!
Video credits:
Produced/Filmed/Edited by: Gavi Starke
Directed by: Benny Friedman
Benny PR: I & Me Media
Connect with Benny:
Instagram -
/ bennysmusic
TikTok -
/ bennysmusic
Twitter -
/ bennysmusic
YouTube - @BennysMusic
For bookings and inquiries: | WhatsApp: (352) 770-1439
להזמנות אירועים בארץ ישראל:
יונתן יחיאל - 0525000210 |
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