Shared on June 2, 2020
I posted this on my facebook page on March 30th but for some reason never uploaded here:
After hearing so many people talk about it ,Muki and I finally watched "Unorthodox" over the last couple of days.
During the scene with her audition, when they ask her if she can sing a second song better suited to her voice, she starts to sing the Bobov (I think) Wedding March.
I couldn't help but thinking "oh man I wish I could jump up ono that stage and accompany her on the piano for this one..."
So I woke up this morning and did just that.
One of the challenges was following Esty's timing as she was singing completely in free time - but I think we did quite well together :)
Enjoy it - and if you, or your TV show, movie, commercial, need piano recording (I can do it from home)and anything to do with music composition or production for that matter, my services are very much available so send me a message.
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