“Dance A Second” Levy Falkowitz – Yossi Shtendig – Shira Choir יוסי שטענדיג, לוי פלקוביץ, שירה

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Shared on March 23, 2019
“Dance A Second” Join us as we lift the heart and souls of the crowd. Let the music and singing make you feel the beat!!
Performed at a recent wedding in Brooklyn
1:00 Bench - Tzvi Silberstein
3:21 Hoshiu - Zanvil Weinberger
5:52 Ben Adam - Bini Lando
Performed By: Shtendig Musicality
Sung by: Levy Falkowitz
Choir by: The Shira Choir
Conducted and Remixed By: Yossi Shtendig
Production Manager: Shmash
Stage Manager: Aron Kranzer
Production arranger: Duvid Shtendig
Audio Post Production: Avrumi Berko
Live Sound: Yoely Karpen
Live Video: Motty Engle
Lighting: Yitzko Productions
Video Editing: Motty Engle & Rivkin media
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Levy Falkowitz
Shira Choir
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