HOLD ON TIGHT – Lipa Schmeltzer & Some Talented Riders (Official Music Video)

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Shared on June 1, 2024
Lipa’s son Moishe Yossi just got married to Chavie. I am dedicating this new song to the new couple. Moishe Yossi covered 790 Roller Coasters around the globe. Nonetheless, he took it as a hobby without letting the enjoyment interfere with his spirituality and growth. Life could be fun and meaningful at the same time.
Here Lipa and fellow artists are joining the trip. The rest see for yourself.
Produced by Lipa Schmeltzer
Composition and lyrics: Lipa Schmeltzer
Music produced: Yanki Cohen
Video produced by Lazar Deitsch
Director: Zisha Surkis
Special Guests:
Yidi bialostozky
Moshe schwartz
Hershe langsam
Kalmy schwartz
Yossi shtendig
Yumi sabag
Avrumi basch
Motty brier
Shmueli landau
Cover Design: B. Waladorsky
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