Ari Lesser – Guard Your Eyes

Shared on October 28, 2020
We would be wise to guard our eyes
When girls are hanging out guys
The risk is high so I’d advise
Caution when we socialize
We must try to exercise
Restraint, and not desensitize
Ourselves, or start to fantasize
On foreign thoughts that may arise
We would be wise to guard our eyes
From glowing screens that hypnotize
The media can mesmerize
Us, with the things they televise
In the imagery they utilize
To advertise their merchandise
They attempt to tantalize
Viewers who don’t guard eyes
Indecency is glamorized
Immodesty is idolized
Relations are romanticized
Pornography is publicized
That’s why we must sanitize
Everything we visualize
And make sure we prioritize
Seeking truth, amidst the lies
We would be wise to guard our eyes
The danger can’t be minimized
It’s so easy to rationalize
Our conduct and legitimize
Our actions, and not recognize
That our minds internalize
All that enters through our eyes
And what we see can traumatize
Each of us should scrutinize
Our behavior, then analyze
Why we have the lows and highs
That make a person fall or rise
Look I’m not here to criticize
If you’re offended, I apologize
But now I hope you realize
You would be wise to guard your eyes
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