Hamantaschen feat. Ari Lesser – Shlepping Nachas

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Shared on March 18, 2024
It was the month of Adar and Adarpoli was well overway. The shleppers were all hanging out together, one of the shleppers opened the fridge, closed it, when all of a sudden a spark of inspiration and sillyness came down from heaven and out came
"hamantaschen look like hats that's why we eat them,
hamantaschen look like hats and that's why they taste so good,
הצילני הציליני מקליפת עמלק
הציליני הציליני מהמן עמלק".
It immediately spread into a full jam and the song was entered into the world. Laughs we're exchanged, instruments were played and the chevra started dancing.
It's so gevalt that something so simple can be so powerful.
In a time where the story of Purim is not ancient history but actually current events. It was so clear that we knew that you mamish never know.
Please Hashem save us from the Evil and lift up the light of the good.
הציליני מקליפת עמלק, וזכיני לקדושת מרדכי ואסתר
Produced at Minglewood Studios by the Shleppers
Simchi Skaist
Skilly Adler
AD Trak
King Diddy
Mix/Master: Uri Wertheim
Video shot/edited: Shlomo Weprin - Shlomotions
This video was shot on the grounds of the 2024 Tribal Winter Spiritual Music & Arts Festival
Huge thank you to our dear freind Yaakov Babani who puts together this wonderful weekend year after year ✨
Big huge thank you to holy brother Ari Lesser ❤️
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