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Shmueli Ungar started his singing career performing for the Rabbi and the congregation in the synagogue of Kiryas Yoel, a small village in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Under the guidance of his grandfather, Shmueli developed his innate talent and devoted himself to pursuing his craft, performing locally at weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and various simchas. In a short amount of time, his reputation grew and he became an in-demand singer, performing at high-end weddings and events across the country. Shmueli’s music is evocative and warm, a style that is reminiscent of one of his influences, Reb Moshe Goldman of Camp Shalvah. Shmueli draws from his own life as well, creating a tapestry of music that is filled with emotion and meaning. He considers all experiences, even painful or challenging ones, catalysts music. He believes it is important, “not to ignore them, or forget them, but to make sure they’re part of the song too.”

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