Zusha – The World to Come (Living Room Mix)

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Shared on October 25, 2023
We are humbled to present: The World to Come (Living Room Mix). The song speaks of our ability to recognize that each of us have a force of light inside of us. It is up to us to let it free and let it shine.
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Holy friends, brothers and sisters. We were thinking about how maybe we should push this music that we’re hoping to put out. Maybe we should push it until there’s a happier time going on in the world. And we said no adiraba, just the opposite. The world needs more music now than ever. And our music comes from the sweetest place that we have to offer. That’s what zusha means. Zusha means sweet in Yiddish. And everything we do, we hope that the signature is sweet and peaceful and harmonious, just the melodies and the harmonies and all the musical elements. And we hope that this song brings out the harmony in the world, brings out the harmony in the listener. Because these songs, and this particular song that we’re putting out at this moment in time, is a very hopeful song. It’s a very bright and brilliant song. It’s like you create what your future is, you create what you think the world to come is. For some people, it’s an apocalypse, but we’d like to think, and hopefully we can put that energy out there where the world to come is a beautiful place where people can respect each other and get along. It’s like we’re on the precipice of something. Our world is like a tree that’s still budding, but not yet blossoming.  
Video by: Austin Bailey 
Second Camera: Yehoshuah Sejour
Color: Jackson Goldblatt
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"All Israel have a share in the World To Come, as it is stated (Isaiah 60:21): 'And Your people are tzadikkim (righteous).'
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