Yosef Kugler & Yaakov Rosenblum – Keil Hakavod (Official Lyric Video)

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Shared on November 11, 2023
This song has been a work in progress for over a year, and I never imagined the situation we would be in at its time of release.
The words of the song originally meant to me that my way to praise Hashem is through my talents - “Etein Lach Shir V’hallel, V’eevod Lach Yom Valel” - that I am going to serve Hashem with my unique shira, and that everyone has their unique shira that they bring to the table that enables them to increase Kevod Shamayim and show the world that Hashem is One (Baruch Yachid Umiyuchad). I wanted to put this message out with this song.
At a time like this, when things are so difficult for our brothers and sisters in Israel, and for us here, it was a question to release a song that is upbeat, full of Simcha when oftentimes we feel just the opposite. After speaking it over with my Rebbe and some friends in Israel, I decided that I have a unique role to make a Kiddush Hashem by uplifting Jews through music. While there are many times when we can’t help but feel the pain and we daven and cry and question, there is also a time where we must express our gratitude to Hashem and praise Him for all the light we experience amid the darkness. As Jews, we know this is not a contradiction, but the story of our People, who throughout horrors endured historically have celebrated simchas and smiled and laughed and carried on, offering up praises and making a Kiddush Hashem, never forgetting that Hashem is in control, He is Good, even when we have such a hard time understanding why everything is happening.
Keil HaKavod, our Hashem, Etein Lach Shir V’hallel, I am going to give You praise, and Your nation will continue to praise and recognize you, even in this extremely difficult time of Hester Panim, and we daven for the time when you pull back the curtain and allow us to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu, amen.
Composed By: Yosef Kugler
Arranged, Mixed & Mastered By: Moshe Siegel
Vocals Recorded By: Yonah Greenblatt & Moshe Siegel
Album Art By: Benchmark Commercials
Lyric Video By SR Designs
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