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Shared on October 12, 2023
The words translated: “Death will be destroyed forever, Gd will wipe away the tears from all the faces.” (Isaiah 25:8)
It’s been hard for us these past few days to sit down and write music. But as we were talking and reading some of the messages you’ve been sending and commenting we realized, the world needs more music not less, especially now. We sat down in the office of the one and only @dailydoseofkorn and asked him what words can we possibly share that might bring some comfort and light to this chaos. These words came right out of his mouth, or his heart…
Normally we usually post 30 seconds or a minute but as we were listening to this one it was was so healing and so medicinal that we felt like the longer people can listen to sweet soothing music the less they will be spending thinking about death and destruction. One thing we can all relate to is that we pray for a day when death will be eradicated , when gd himself will come to wipe away the tears and the pain and shine his healing infinite to reveal that the light was always here and will be here forever.
Big thank you to Andrew Freedman for the soulful keys 🎹 as well as Jason Burger for the heartfelt rythm
#peace #love #positivity #goodvibes #healing
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