Track 9: Oyros – אורות דתוהו  | Collecting Sparks | Chaim Ghoori | TYH Nation

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Shared on October 10, 2023
The Kabbalah teaches us that during the creation process, before everything took its final form, there was a period of Tohu, which we can imagine as energy with no limitation. Upon competition the world was and is a place of Tikkun, with very defined borders and limitations. The Rabbis tell us that as we move closer to Moshiach, there are many souls in this world that come specifically from the “world” of Tohu. These can be people driven with unbridled energy and a seemingly insatiable desire for more. The danger is that, left unchecked, this energy can potentially consume and destroy anything around it.
To bring Mashiach we must wrap this energy and passion inside of vessels able to withstand this light and therefore able to deliver this energy to the world. This understanding provides an incredible insight into the root of the souls of our generation. The passion burning within these souls, can at times be misunderstood as a lack of ability to concentrate or a desire to break things, when in fact it is just a liveliness that needs to be channeled in the correct way. When this passion and fire is used to fuel mitzvos and yidishkeit, simple and finite moments receive an energizing jolt sourced in The Infinite One above.
Composed and written by The Blumstein Brothers
Produced and Arranged by Izzy Drihem
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Vocals Recorded by Mendy Portnoy
Mixed and Mastered by Ronen Hillel
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