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Shared on October 10, 2023
Kedushas Levi Parshas Bamidbar
כל אחד מישראל הוא אות מהתורה
Chazal teach that every Jew is a letter from the Torah, which on a simple level means that each Jew has a particular letter in the Torah which is the root of their soul. Taken a bit deeper, a sefer torah is the holiest religious item that we have. When writing a torah scroll the scribe must have pure and holy intentions and each drop of ink must be placed perfectly onto the parchment, otherwise the letters will not be perfect and the scroll will be invalid. Comparatively, in creating the world, Hashem, the scribe, placed each letter exactly where it needed to be. Each Yid in exactly the right place, in exactly the right circumstances. And just like a Torah needs every single letter to be kosher, our world needs each and every Yid. Taken even deeper, If any two letters in the Torah are touching and not completely surrounded by white parchment, the Torah scroll is also invalid. Each letter needs to have its own individual place and as much as it is part of something bigger it needs to retain its uniqueness and individuality. So too each Yid, while being part of something greater than ourselves, we must always embrace our uniqueness and individuality and use our special qualities to accomplish our personal mission in the world.
Write and Composed by the Blumstein Brothers
Produced, Arranged and Vocal Production by Mendy Portnoy
Guitars: Noam Burg
Backing Vocals: Mendy Portnoy
Mixed and Mastered: Ronen Hillel
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