Track 11 | Ohr Ein Sof – אור אין סוף – Ft. The Portnoy Brothers | Mamish at the End | Mendy Worch

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Shared on February 22, 2024
TYH Nation Presents
Mamish at the End
Mendy Worch
/ Farbrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy
Limitless Light
After all the words have been spoken and all the songs have been sung, we arrive at the profound understanding that all of creation is but a manifestation of the infinite source, the divine essence known as Hashem. As described in the Adon Olam prayer, as being with no end and no beginning, this eternal, boundless power is beyond the grasp of human language, yet it is this force that we aspire to reconnect ourselves to, in order to draw sustenance and vitality from its boundless energy.
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