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Shared on February 22, 2024
TYH Nation Presents
Mamish at the End
Mendy Worch
/ Farbrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy
On everyone's mind is the age old question “what is the purpose of it all?”
“Why are we here and what are we supposed to be focusing on?”
We turn to our Rabbeim, our teachers, who, with the knowledge of Hashem and the Torah, can guide us to reach our potential.
They respond to us through their teachings and actions, constantly reminding us that the world stands on three pillars; Torah, Avodah(prayer),
and G’milus Chassadim(acts of kindness).
This is the tachlis of a Yid!
We are privileged to have the Torah to guide us, to have the ability to say TYH and express gratitude for all that Hashem does for us,
and especially fortunate that we have opportunities to do kindness for one another.
Holding up the world is the tachlis of a Yid!
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