The Miami Boys Choir – We Stand With Israel (Official Music Video) – פרחי מיאמי

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Shared on November 9, 2023
We Stand With Israel
The Miami Boys Choir
Directed, Arranged & Composed by: Yerachmiel Begun
Lyrics by: Y. & S. Begun
Choir recorded at: Sound on Sound Studios
Video by: Uri Westrich
Video edited & audio mixed by: Miami Studios
Drums: Gal Gershovsky
Keys and synths: Yaron Gotfried
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Bass: Aryeh Volnitz

We hear your cries
Your tears fall from our eyes
Know that from the start
Its echoed in our hearts
We stand with Israel
We stand with you
May G-d protect us now and help us through
We stand with Israel
You’re not alone
May G-d watch over you, you are our home
Unimaginable fear
More than one can bear
So we come together today
To raise our voices and say!
Members of The Miami Boys Choir
Shimon & Eliyahu Allakhverdov
Yonatan Bouskila • Yosef Hazan Jack Hidary • Kobe Knopfler
Chaviv Saadia• Jacob Shatzkes
Jack & Isaac Yossef
Charles Zoltan
Members of The Miami Teens
Elisha Cohen • Alex Cooper
Ariel Eisenberg • Aaron Manahim
Mark Rosenstock • Dovid Torkieh
Soloists: Jack Hidary & Charles Zoltan (High part end)
Special thanks to: Yisroel Lamm, Ruchama Turk, Chananya & Eliezer Begun, S.R.
& my wife Shoshana
Thanks to the Parents of the choir for appearing in the video •
Copyright Yerachmiel Begun 2023
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