Sruly Green & Gershy Schwarcz Project – An Omer [Acapella]

Shared on May 13, 2020
“An Omer with Sruly & Gerhsy and how it evolved to this stunning master piece!
Sruly called Gershy Schwarcz from Edgware Studios.
Hey Gershy, I have this idea about counting the Omer and I want to put it to the tune Baby Shark... just a quick recording in the studio, available tonight?
Sure! But Sruly we all know how talented you are... why don’t you compose your own tune? And not only that we will make it acapella!
Yay!!! I’m so excited okay I will call back with a tune!
.... a few days pass.
Hey Gershy I sent you a demo!
Gershy: (listening to the demo) great stuff Sruly.. so catchy...
I can continue recounting this amazing story of how Sruly came to Edgware Studios and together with Gershy recorded all those amazing acapella lines and with David Taub who wrote and recorded the bass lines with his vocal instrument just like everything else in this song, but you all know it by now!
Anyhow, a year later today it was released.
A perfect catchy fully vocal arrangement with lots of fun and color!!!
Song composed and sung by Sruly Green
Vocals arranged and recorded by Sruly and Gershy
Bass vocal by David Taub
Vocal beat mapped by Gershy using David Taub’s voice...
Mixed by Gershy...
Video by “SPV editing”
Professional sound, photo, and video editing
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