Skulen Mit Yiddish Nachas Album Preview -A Moshy Kraus Production | משה קרויס – סקולען מיט אידיש נחת

Shared on May 25, 2020
Skulen Nachas is now available in stores everywhere and online at:
Lchaim Music:סקולען-מיט-אידיש-נחת
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Asach Yiddish Nachas!
The Skulener rebbes zt”l have enriched Klal Yisroel for the past hundred years with kedusha, mesiras nefesh and most of all, hundreds of stunning compositions.
Who can successfully capture the kedusha of Skulen? Who can connect to the heilige niggunim that warmed thousands of neshamos and inspired so many to live life with a deeper sense of purpose?
Only Yiddish Nachas!
Moshe Kraus has done it again. The same producer who captured the chassidishe music world with his Yiddish Nachas series is now bringing you the best of Skulen.
The niggunim may have existed for many years, but the way it was arranged for Yiddish Nachas is certainly next level. Tzvi Blumenfeld outdid himself with arranging top-level music using musicians from around the world, the MK studios team arranged the adult and boys choir with a mix of child and adult soloists. Chaim Gottesman recorded the actual CD for a heavenly mix of sound quality and heart. Each child in the choir was given a tutorial in each niggun, and the recording perfectly captures their emotion.
Open your heart. Allow the music to take over. Let it overcome you. The holiness of the Skulener rebbe zt"l as he poured out his heart in tefilla and song.
Shifchi kamayim, Mah Nimlitzu l'fi imraschu, Mu Ohavti Torasechu, Hoshiah es amechu...
The songs on “Skulen with Yiddish Nachas” uplift. They fill with joy. They get you to dance. To sing. To become one with the kedusha of Skulen.
Yes, Yiddish Nachas can do that.
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