SIMCHA LEINER LIVE Fireside Kumzitz!

Shared on May 27, 2020
#kumzitz #livemusic #simchaleiner #Jewishmusic #NewMusic
Enjoy a live recording of a fireside Kumzitz in Simcha's backyard!
Featuring some classic oldies as well as current hits!
Simcha is joined by an all star band of local musicians
Yossi Greenzweig - Keys
Shua Sorscher - Keys
Hudi Greenberger - Guitar
Ari Boiangiu - Guitar
Shaya Dovid Heller - Percussions
Live multitrack audio mixing by - Shua Sorscher
Video Live Mixed by In House Productions
This Kumzitz was streamed live on May 27 2020
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