Shmilly Rothschild Chanukah Medley

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Shared on December 2, 2023
Introducing the Spectacular Chanukah Medley, performed by the incredibly talented Shmilly Rothschild and expertly recorded and arranged by the renowned Ushi Gluck. This captivating medley is a true masterpiece, combining traditional Chanukah melodies with a twist, creating a musical experience that will leave you mesmerized.
Shmilly Rothschild's soulful vocals and heartfelt performance bring a fresh and genuine interpretation to beloved Chanukah songs. With his unique style and undeniable talent, Shmilly immerses listeners in a world of joy and celebration, making this medley a must-listen for the holiday season.
Ushi Gluck's exceptional recording and arranging skills shine through in every note, ensuring a flawless and harmonious production.
Ushi's expertise adds an extra layer of magic to this Chanukah medley, making it a standout creation that will captivate audiences of all ages.
Get ready to be enchanted by the Chanukah Medley performed by Shmilly Rothschild, this extraordinary collaboration is a true celebration of the holiday spirit and a perfect addition to your festive playlist.
Don't miss out on this sensational musical experience, guaranteed to bring warmth, joy, and a touch of magic to your Chanukah celebration.
Arranged & Mixed by: Ushi Gluck
Guitars by: Lazer Abeless
Winds & Brass by: Yoily Perlmuter
Backup vocals by: C. Grossberger & M. Freilich
You can now follow Shmilly Rothschild by clicking the links below 馃憞
For bookings please call 07523 124 965
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