SHIRA ARCHIVES: Keil Odoin-R' Bentzion Shenker-Shira Ft. Mendy H | קל אדון – ר' בנציון שענקר מודזי'ץ

Shared on June 1, 2020
A look back on a momentous occasion.
Charity comes in many forms. At this year’s annual Chesed Williamsburg appreciation event, Shira Choir showed one such kind of goodwill: honoring the gathered community with a spellbinding rendition of Keil Odoin.
This lively, optimistic melody became a classic the moment it was composed by the inimitable, irreplaceable R’ Benzion Shenker, that great voicemaker of the Modzitzer dynasty. Here, Shira’s two-tier vocal lineup explores the song’s rich landscape, thumping across its soft-march terrain; swinging through its upbeat disco chorus; and harmonizing its climactic staccato interlude.
The crowd sits electrified, eyes glued to the sights and sounds. The entire performance rides on the impeccable instrumentation of an expanded Sababa Band, led by the multitalented Mendy Hershkowitz, with musical arrangement courtesy of Avremi G.
Produced by:
Shraga F. Gold, Shira
Song composed by:
R' Bentzion Shenker z”l
Music arranged by:
Avremi G. - A Notable Idea
Performed live by:
Shira & Medny Hershkowitz Band
Music Conducted by:
Mendy Hershkowitz
Choir arranged & conducted by:
Yoely Horowitz/Shira
Music by:
Mendy H Band
Video Capture by:
Motty Engel
Video edit by:
BenHesh Studios
Lightning and Projection by:
Eagle productions, Shaya Adler
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Mendy Hershkowitz Band - Booking: +1 516 253 4008
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