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Shared on March 28, 2024
TYH Nation Presents
Shabbos is Coming - ס’קומט שבת
Dovy Meisels - דובי מייזעלס
Shabbos is coming, forget about everything! Every worry and concern, unfinished business and looming deadlines - we leave it at the door as we enter the warm embrace of the holy Shabbos. Shabbos accepts us as is, we are perfect for who we are. Shabbos gives us 25 hours of quality time with Hashem, where we discover Who is really running our world. On Shabbos we refocus on the only thing that really matters - our relationship with the Creator of the world. We see Hashem on Shabbos and we realize He was there all week long as well, guiding us exactly where we need to be. And He will be right there with us next week as well!
Soak in the energy of this song with the joy of knowing that Shabbos is never that far away!
TYH Music / Mendy Portnoy
Music produced by Izzy Drihem
Farbrengable Music
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