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Shared on June 8, 2024
As we approach Shavuos, a time when we reflect on the unity that Klal Yisroel had at Har Sinai, I'm excited to share my new song, "Eins."
This song captures the essence of that historic moment when Jews of all backgrounds and types came together as one.
Throughout history, it is this unity that has sustained us, especially during challenging times.
Now more than ever, we need to hold on to this spirit of togetherness.
Let's stand together as one, just as we did thousands of years ago at Har Sinai.
I hope you enjoy it.
Composed & Sung by: Zrilly Werzberger
Music Produced & Arranged by: Menachem Friedman
Backup Vocals: Menachem Friedman & Nusi Teitelbaum
Vocal Recording & Mix: Menachem Friedman Studios
Video Production: TwoTone Media
Filmed at TwoTone Studios, Brooklyn NY
Cover Design: VigiGee
Project Management & Marketing: SolBlum Media
Special thank you to some amazing people for their help and support on this project and year-round:
My dear wife
Avrumy Basch (The best!!)
Nachmen Galuber
Momo Teitelbaum
Shloime Scharf
Duvid Feder
Avrumy Lunger
Aba Berkowitz
Shragy Lichter
Yanky Steinmetz
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(347) 902-0667
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