Moshy Kraus – Behind the Scenes of Skulen Nachas | מושי קרויס – מאחורי הקלעים סקולען מיט אידיש נחת

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Shared on August 9, 2020
"Ah Heilige Arbet":
The niggunim are beautiful and the album is professionally done, there's no doubt about that. But lift the curtain of the newly released Yiddish Nachas Skulen, and you discover an entirely new dimension to the tunes, the words, the context.
Every niggun has a story. Watch Moshy Kraus, the CD's producer, tell it to you! Watch behind the scenes video and imagery, the Skulener rebbe zt"l singing, the Yiddish Nachas choir, the producer and directors discussing the project.
Watch this video to better appreciate the world of chassidishe music Skulen has giveמ the world!
Leiby Lenorovitz @ PowerOn Studios
Volvy Spitzer @ MK Studios
Sucher Orgel @ MK Studios
Meilech Gross @Dart Media
The album is distributed by Lchaim Music and available in stores worldwide!
Nigun Music:
Mostly Music:
Lchaim Music:סקולען-מיט-אידיש-נחת
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