Mendy Worch – Kfirim

Shared on November 21, 2020
Kfirim Roshu Vraevu, Vdorshey Hashem Lo Yachsiru Kol Tov.
Young Lions are wild and hungry, but the one that praises Hashem lacks nothing good.
Have you ever felt less in control than right now, after months of confusion, panic, and uncertainty?
Stop looking around and look inside.
King David teaches us that the young lion, king of the jungle, still needs to roar and fight to assert himself, to maintain his dominance.
Wild and Hungry.
Constantly hunting to feed a hunger that can never really be satiated.
But you, the one who trusts in Hashem? You don’t need to fight or shout or struggle to assert control because you know, deep within you, that everything is perfect, just as it should be.
Life can be a jungle, and we are surrounded by challenges. There are dreams worth fighting for and obstacles in the way, but we lack nothing, because the strength, the courage, and the confidence that all will be good- that it is already good- burns within us.
Lo yachseru kol tov. Will lack nothing.
Boruch Hagever Asher Yivtach Bashem. There is no greater blessing!
Composed & Vocals: Mendy Worch
Music Production: Naftali Blumenthal
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