Mah Shehaya Haya – מה שהיה היה | Moshe Storch – משה שטארך | DJ Farbreng

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Shared on October 28, 2023
My dear friend, it’s an old Jewish idea but it’s still what we live by. Our belief that Hashem renews the world at every moment and is constantly involved in everything that takes place, has kept us strong throughout the generations. We proclaim faithfully “What happened, happened. The main thing is to start fresh completely”. We want to tap into that power of renewal, the power to see and experience freshness and vibrancy in our service of Hashem, and the power to merit a complete return to who and what we are meant to be.
In honor of the yahrtzeit this week of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, let’s hold our head up high and let these words, inspired by Reb Shalom Arush together with the beautiful Kel Adon Shabbos tune from Reb Shlomo, give us all the Chizzuk we need to succeed in uniting, joyfully, yet authentically, with each other and with Hashem in these days of Moshiach!
Enjoy, Good Shabbos!
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