Lehisvada – להתוודע – בערי וובר – Beri Weber

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Shared on January 2, 2024
Beri Weber featuring Shaya Gross The Edgware Group and the Shevach boys choir
This year on Rosh Hashanah, when we shouted “המלך,” we crowned Hashem as the king of the world. It felt like a yearly renewal to our souls. On Yom Kippur, after concluding a day of prayer, we shouted at the top of our lungs, “השם מלך השם מלך השם ימלוך לעולם ועד.” We felt the feeling of cleanliness and a rejuvenation of the soul. On Sukkos , we shook our לולב up and down and to all corners of the world to express our inner belief that Hashem is our king. We felt the love.
However, on October 7th, during שמחת תורה, a huge thunder shook us all to the core. We didn’t know what to make of it; how do we wrap all of this up, where do we continue from this point, where are we heading, spiritually, emotionally & physically. We looked out to our friends to our wise to our leaders some said do this, do that, do nothing. The message isn’t clear, but one thing is VERY clear: There’s a king who decides “מי יחיה ומי ימות.” Whatever we do we move forward, and it's totally in his hands, and as time goes by we see it more and more. The end game is that the king of the world is the one who calls the shots. And we are totally dependent on his mercy. Therefore, we have to become acquainted and reveal that he is king!
‎להתוודע ולהגלות כי הוא מלך על כל הארץ and by singing this song we will feel complete!
Lyric Video created by: Flash of Design @flashofdesignelianathalhei9258
Thank you!
Composed: Hershy Weinberger & Shaya Gross
Music Production & Mix: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Vocal Production: Gershy Schwarcz @ Edgware Studios & Eli Klein
Kids choir by Yossi Glick Shevach
Edgware Group:
Gershy Schwarcz (Director)
Ari Weinberg (Manager)
Duvid Schwarcz
Isaac Gluck
Yossi Fulop
Beri Weber Management - NR Management | 845-537-5743
Beri Weber Music Management - Gershy Schwarcz | 845-671-1775 @EdgwareStudios
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©️ 2024, All Rights Reserved to Beri Weber | 2024, כל הזכויות שמורות לבערי וובר
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