Joey Newcomb – Ka’eileh | יוסף ניוקם – כאלה

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Shared on April 9, 2024
Many times in our lives, we just do things, but when Yidden do things, there’s always something more to it. The things we do are not just stam trends or other mishugassen. Our minhagim, even the ones that seem funny, are actually much deeper than we think.
So, when I was talking to somebody about Ka’eileh and how we sing it out loud with the baal korei while he’s trying to lein, I thought to myself, if I could only look at it with the eyes of the heilige Kedushas Levi and search out the davar pnimi in the funny things what we Yidden do, then I’d be able to understand the avoida of Ka’eileh. It can’t just be the catchy trop - there has to be something more to it.
A Yid told me that he heard from his Rav (who mamish has Kedushas Levidik’e eyes), that Ka’eileh means that you should bring this korban and that korban, Ka’eileh, like the other ones you’ve already brought. In other words, it inherently represents something that you’re doing again, even though you’ve done it already.
Now, as is our nature, when we do things that we’ve already done, that avoida loses that freshness, that excitement, that element of hischadshus. But the Yid knows that every maisah mitzvah is mamish a chiddush and is intrinsically chodosh, so when we come to the word Ka’eilah - which indicates doing something again - we’re not just going to let it be said. We can hardly contain our excitement! We’re going to scream it out and show our that by a Yid, there’s always hischadshus.
Song Composed, written & Performed by: Joey Newcomb
Song Produced by: Doni Gross
Video Produced by: Motty Berkowitz
Production Assistant: Moshe Leib Gross
Harmonica & Mandolin: Azi Steiner
Ukulele: Nati Broyde
Banjo: Manny Tuzman
Thank you to Yossi Baumen & Young Israel of lido Beach.
#Joeynewcomb #jewishmusic #Kaeileh #Shul
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