Hershy Rottenberg – Lo Amus (MeinLidel #5) | (הרשי רוטנברג – לא אמות (מיינלידל #5

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Shared on December 10, 2023
🎶 With Thanks to Hashem, we’re excited to present the 5th song in the Meinlidel series! 🎶
Just In time for Chanukah: “Lo Amus”
This composition, crafted some time ago, emanates from a profound yearning for redemption, echoing the sentiment of the verse that declares, "I won't die, but live until I share with everyone the miracles Hashem has performed." In the current challenging times, as our brothers and sisters in Israel face adversity, we find strength and encouragement in such verses.
The timing for the release couldn't be more fitting than during Chanukah, a period when each of us experiences a renewed spark and divine radiance from above. The incredible spiritual light we receive is unparalleled.
Collaborating with the talented individuals Duvid Fink, Yonasan Binet, and Yossi from the label, we have once again achieved a well-produced and impeccably executed piece. This collective effort has transformed the song into a reality for its release.
Without further ado, I present to you "Lo Amus," a breathtaking and emotionally resonant composition that will undoubtedly leave you captivated, prompting you to hit replay again and again.
#MeinLidelSeries #LoAmus #Chanuka #SoulfulMusic #JewishMusic
Composed & Sung by: Hershy Rottenberg.
Music Arranged by: Duvid Fink.
Record Label: Yossi Shick Label.
Mixed by: Chaim Moses.
Video Concept & Design by: Yonatan Benet.
Animation by: Chani Azran - Ruach Acheret.
Digital Marketing & PR: JMI.
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