Hershy Bleich – Purim Medley Rekidei Hakedushaסט פורים חסידי – רקידה הקדושה

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Shared on March 21, 2024
לכבוד פורים תשפ״ד א פריילכ׳ן פורים
In Honor of Purim 2024, A Freilich’n Purim
Project Produced by: Menachem Friedman
Musical Arrangements by: Nussy Teitelbaum
Vocals/Choir Arrangements, Mixed and Mastered By, Menachem Friedman
Choir members
Nussi Teitelbaum
Menachem Friedman
Recorded at Menachem Friedman studios
Photo by: Jacob Hershko
Graphics’s by: Meir Tzvi Fisch
Marketing Motty Media
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