Haneiros Halalu – Moshe Groner | הנירות הללו – משה גרונר

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Shared on December 3, 2023
Just in time for Chanukah I present to you, Haneiros Halalu!!
Thank you Hashem for blessing me with the opportunity to share this wonderful and powerful niggun with the world:)
A note from the composer.
The song emanates from a flow of various emotions.
As we stand in our homes in 5784 and we once again connect the flame of the Shamash to the first holy light of the Menorah there is a sense of awe at the sheer perseverance of Am Yisrael and the eternal existence that we, the Jewish people are a part of.
In the deepest darkness of exile and facing Antisemitism through so many years of pain, suffering and oppression we are still standing and with humility and joy we are illuminating the darkness with the holiest light on earth, the light of the Menorah.
In each of our holy Jewish homes, whether on our windowsill or at our front doors we are continuing the Avodah of the Bais Hamikdash kindling the light of torah spreading the message of holiness and eternity.
So ultimately, it’s a song of triumph inspired by the awe that we not only won over the darkness of Yovon the Greeks , but we will win again over the darkness of this long and bitter Golus as we greet Moshiach speedily in our days.
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Composed by: The holy Rabbi Aaron Groner of Brooklyn, NY.
Produced by: The Side Yard Studio
Mix and Master: Mendy Friedman
Drums: Avi Avidani
Brass/Horns: Donny Flam
Guitars: Ziv Shalev
Adult and kids choir: Nussy Landau
DP and Edit: Austin Schwichtenberg
Video Production: The Side Yard Studio
Tremendous Thanks to;
The beautiful and wonderful family who hosted us for the film shoot.
David Jaffe - Piano
Yossi Berger - Percussion
Ralph Polack - Clarinet
Aaron Posen
Yankel Beer
Avrumi Lowey
David C. Stanton - Founder of Stanton Kingdom.
Simcha Gruskin
Reuven Brecher
Asher Ringle
Sol Levy
All of the amazing children featured:)
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