From Now On – Yom Ha'atzmaut – Maccabeats Minute 4

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Shared on April 27, 2020
The Maccabeats sing "From Now On" from The Greatest Showman. Produced in isolation for Yom Ha'atzamut 2020/5780.
This popular fan request has always been one of our favorite tracks from one of our favorite modern musicals. It's a stirring reminder to never let ambition blind us to what really matters, exhorting the singer to "come back home again."
And while many of us can't wait to leave our physical homes, we present this song in honor of Yom Ha'atzamut, a celebration of our spiritual, ancestral home.
One more thing: in order to share as much of our music as we can, we've started a new series of one-minute performances, or "Maccabeats Minutes." Leave a comment letting us know what you'd like to hear next!
This and all Maccabeats music is recorded a cappella.
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Audio produced by Jeff Eames
Video edited by Josh Leviton
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