Freilach Sessions: B’simcha | Feat. Nachman Dreyer | פריילאך | נחמן דרייער | בשמחה

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Shared on December 30, 2023
Next up in the Freilach Sessions Series...
We're loving your feedback on this series, so here's another one, this time around with a brand new song composed and arranged by our very own Nachman Dreyer.
Music by: Freilach Band / Avrumi Schreiber
Arranged by: Nachman Dreyer
Live Sound: Check One Two Productions / Shulem Heiman
Sound Engineer: Eli Lishinsky
Mix: Yaniv Balas
Video Production/Project Managment: SolBlum Media
Video Directed by: Hillit Avnon-Klein
DP: Xavi Portillo
1st Camera: Kevin Marqezzi
2nd Camera: Luis Romero
PA: Dvir Avnon-Klein
Edit & Coloring: Hillit Avnon-Klein
Filmed at the Art Factory, Paterson, NJ.
Special thank you to VIP Productions for making this happen.
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