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Shared on February 3, 2024
Eli Levin has just released a brand new album called ‘Az Yashir’!
01 Az Yashir - https://youtu.be/JgqfDK7YfFg
02 Only You - https://youtu.be/dvdIlk-3e7g
03 Elokai - https://youtu.be/4K4mdBKsbEU
04 Techiyas Hameisim - https://youtu.be/hS2nlmkRsMQ
05 Ten Li Tefilah - https://youtu.be/Haxsjw1FcYc
06 Smile Again - https://youtu.be/J3sUShw3Ry8
07 Waiting - https://youtu.be/-mroO6maXjg
08 Ani Maamin - https://youtu.be/NY6uUpNYLNY
09 Liros Banim - https://youtu.be/yP16ke76Qj8
10 Shir Hamaalos - https://youtu.be/WTdgfwflvGE
11 Ekra - https://youtu.be/EF3MzIPGEiw
12 Cholem Kmo Yosef - https://youtu.be/u4M1Fjy2g2g
Music by Zelig Privalsky - https://www.instagram.com/zelig_music/
Cover art by Shani Levin Art - https://www.instagram.com/shanilevinart/
Picture the Jewish nation fleeing the Egyptians, running through the split sea. They are far outnumbered, and they are escaping a super powerful army. As they make it through, the sea is closing up behind them, swallowing up the deadly army behind them.
Now the entire nation of Israel is standing on the shore, looking back at the raging sea they just emerged from. They begin to see dead Egyptian soldiers washing up, weapons, horses, chariots! They are overwhelmed by the clear realization that they had all just been saved from certain death!
They turn to see Moshe Rabeinu, his arms raised up to the heavens. He opens his mouth to thank Hashem, and a brand new song begins to flow from his heart. Every man, woman, and child joins along as one, in unison and harmony!
‘Vayaar Yisroel es hayad hagdolah’ – the Jewish nation saw the great arm of Hashem. ‘Az Yashir Moshe Uvinei Yisrael’ - Moshe and the children of Israel began to sing!
We must recognize, we do not have the power on our own to survive the threats against us. Only Hashem can provide that protection. When we leave go of our own ego and submit to Hashems protection, no army in the world can touch us!

This album has some brand new songs. Az Yashir, Only You, Waiting, and Techiyas Hameisim were written by Eli Levin. Ani Maamin was written by Chatz Langsam. The rest are cover songs from other incredible artists. The music on this album was created by the extremely talented arranger, Zelig Privalsky.
Included in this collection is the song ‘Elokai’ by Alma. It is a sweet touching prayer, recognizing Hashem for every heartbeat we experience. This song is so special and meaningful because of a video that came out showing a young man Yehuda Becher singing this in his car. He was later murdered at the Nova Festival on October 7th by the vicious terrorists. You can see in that video that Yehuda was a special soul who understood that the source of all that we have is Hashem. I recorded this song in honor of my friend Shmuel Kairy, who begins each day listening to this song. He is someone who lives for Hashem, appreciates all that Hashem gives him, and inspires all that know him to love Hashem.
Listen, sing along, and share!
As of now you can find the songs of this album on YouTube and 24Six. they will be showing up on Spotify and Apple Music very soon hopefully.
for the next 48 hours you can listen to the album for free on 24Six with this link:
Follow Eli Levin on Social Media:
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