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Shared on October 10, 2023
TYH Nation Presents
Chaim Ghoori
Devarim Hayotzim Min Halev, these songs come from deep within my heart and represent our collective avodah of rהתבטלותedeeming sparks. Powered by deep teachings of kabbala and the Tzaddikim, complemented by years of learning at the feet of my rabbeim and mentors, my desire is that these songs and the Torah behind them should be able to penetrate through any barriers and enter the place where they can resonate and invigorate. So please open your heart and enjoy!
- Chaim
Farbrengable Studios
Music produced by Mendy Portnoy
Cover art by Yehuda Raice
Thank you to: The Bloomstein Brothers. Mendy Portnoy. Yehudah Pinsker. Yossi Gerson. Yaakov Galen. Shui Fier. Tzivya Kravitz. Izzy D. Yaakov Wohlgelernter. Motty Berkowitz.
לעילוי נשמת דוד בן שלום ע״ה
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