Chanukah Upmix | DJ Farbreng | Izzy Feat.

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Shared on December 5, 2023
Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is a time for celebration, family, and the triumph of light over darkness. Immerse yourself in the farbrengable sounds of Chanukah with our brand new Up-mix, a compilation of classic Chanukah songs that will get you dancing and singing along.
With the infectious energy of DJ FARBRENG, this will quickly become your ultimate soundtrack to Chanukah festivities as you gather your loved ones, spin the dreidel, and let the light of Chanukah fill your home.
Happy Chanukah!
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Music produced and arranged by Izzy Drihem
Performed by Izzy Drihem &
Kids Choir: Shir V’shevach Boys Choir
Arranged by Chaim Meir Fligman
Dovi Illowitz
Zevi Sabel
Simchy Lieser
Avrumi Greenberg
Shloime Hopstein
Shmily Englander
Chaim Tyrnauer
Shia Tyrnauer
Video produced & filmed by Mendy Portnoy & Yaakov Galen
Edited by Mendy Portnoy
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