Bunim – Boruch Sholom | בנים – ברוך שלום

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Shared on March 28, 2024
Hi Friends,
Here's my newest release, Bunim, a great message turned into an awesome tune.
The lyrics are adapted from the works of the Chasidic master, R' Levi Yitzchok Ben Sara Sosha, Der Heiliger Barditchever, z"l.
I hope this will resonate with you like it did with me.
- Boruch Sholom
Music Credits:
Composed & Performed by: Boruch Sholom
A Binyomin Schlesinger Project
Music by: Nir Graff
Vocal Tuning by: Dididum Studios
Mix & Master: Nir Graff & Offer Tiberin
Video Credits:
Filmed and Directed by: Laiby Leonorovitz @Power On Studios
Video edited by: @flashofdesign
Colorgrading by: Laiby Leonorovitz
Production Assistant: Moshe Hershkowitz
Special thanks to: Gershy Schwarcz @Edgware Studios for saving the day with the microphone on set :)
Previously Released by Mendy Worch
Marketing: SolBlum Media
Musicians on Set:
Tantz Band
Shloimi Schinfeld & Simcha Eckhouse
To Book Boruch Sholom, please call - 646-334-9570
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