200 Years of History: An Exclusive Tour of Chabad in Hebron with Avraham Fried

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Shared on May 26, 2024
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A unique video presentation, R’ Avraham Fried takes us on a journey through the generations of Chabad history in Hebron, and introduces a new, exciting development in the story.
The history of Chabad in Hebron is virtually as long as the history of Chabad itself.
Starting from the Mitteler Rebbe, who encouraged his chassidim to move there, and all the way through to our Rebbe, the Rebbeim and chassidim of Chabad have a unique connection to the holy city.
In honor of Lag Ba’omer, the Rebbe Rashab asked specifically to buy the z’chus to light the bonfire in Hebron, where he had purchased properties and land. As he said, "I greatly desire the city chosen by our holy Avos in the past, and my wish is that the city shall grow and expand, B’ezrat Hashem.”
The story of Chabad in Hebron is one of trials and triumphs, of spiritual growth alongside physical agony, of perseverance despite wars, pogroms, and hostility.
Two centuries after the Mittler Rebbe established the first Chabad community in Hebron, 116 years after the Rebbe Rashab purchased an estate in Hebron, and decades after it was returned to Jewish hands, a new Jewish neighborhood is finally going up on the Rebbeim’s property in Hebron.
The new neighborhood will be called the ‘Chizkiyahu Quarter - Nachalat Chabad,’ in tribute to Rav Chizkiyahu Medini, author of the Sdei Chemed, who lived at the site, and recognizing the far-sighted vision of the Chabad Rebbeim who are the rightful owners of the property.
Today, we have the honor to fulfill the Rebbeim’s vision with the launch of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase an apartment in the new neighborhood, and own a piece of Jewish history on the very property that the Rebbeim personally purchased, safeguarded and maintained.
It’s an amazing opportunity - don’t miss it. Act now!
Be a proud owner of Chabad’s legendary history in Hebron!
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